Hi! I’m Whitney Bullock, CFMG

Me wearing my favorite hat from Inappropriate Trucker Hats!

That stands for Certified Feline Master Groomer, by the way! That’s right- I ONLY groom cats! To really understand how I got into something so specific, I’d have to go back a few years… about 15 to be exact. I always loved cats, but when I got a job at a cats- only veterinary clinic I was hooked. My passion was suddenly my job, and I learned so much about cat behavior and physiology while I was there. Learning how to hold them safely is really half the battle of grooming cats, and I perfected my techniques holding cats while the veterinarians performed various procedures. I also learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dieting, nail trims, litter boxes, getting cats into carriers, and a plethora of other useful cat-specific information that they don’t really tell you at the veterinarian!

After leaving the veterinary world, I decided to start grooming cats, and eventually became certified through the National Cat Groomer’s Institute. It’s been a wild ride, but it has also been a lot of fun. I love educating owners on how THEY can help keep their cats healthy, and their cat’s coats looking great. Regular grooming is an important aspect of cat care- especially pure bred cats with long and fluffy coats! It’s really a misconception that cats are the “easy” pet to have. Anyone with a Persian cat who gets matted easily or has difficulty breathing because its nostrils are too narrow will agree.

My Cat Grooming salon in Charleston, SC

I started sending a weekly newsletter out a few years ago with various tips and cat information, and it really took off! My customers told me that they loved reading it, and that it was actually helpful at home! I realized that even people who have owned cats their whole lives don’t know how to cut their own cat’s nails or easily get them into the carrier when they need to! By the time I’m done with you- you’ll be able to do all of that and MORE. And guess what? It won’t involve any snake oils or “cat aromatherapy.” Just some common sense!

Are you ready?


2 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Whitney Bullock, CFMG

  1. I think it’s awesome what you do and what you’ve accomplished I hope you’re super successful I’ve always loved visiting Charleston what a great little town I live in Daytona Beach Florida I’ve been a cat lover my whole life

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