“HELP! I think I want to groom my cat but I don’t know where or how to start! “

As a member of the not-so-much ‘elite,’ but let’s say the small club of cat groomers, our Instagram has garnered a good bit of social media attention. (Okay- the hat certainly helped!) Along with all those followers comes A LOT of questions! And even more photos and videos of people’s cats! Don’t get me wrong- we love to see everyone’s photos and are honored that they took the time to share them with us, but… the photos of the hot mess cats from people who are desperate to groom their cats themselves but need instructions… Dear Lord, I feel for y’all. There’s one follower who said no one in ALL OF SCOTLAND would groom her cat! We heard a similar story from someone in Saskatchewan.

Some people just want to know what kind of groom we think would look best on their cat. Some people have specific questions regarding techniques for getting rid of matting, fear-free bathing, etc. We want to help ALL of these people. We really do. But we groom cats All. Day. Long. We can’t call each one of these people on facetime and discuss how they need to go about this process. OR CAN WE??? Our solution- a few months ago we decided to add a ‘Virtual Consultation’ service to the online booking website. Well, we never would have guessed a year ago that so many people would end up choosing this option, but it has been wildly popular! The cost is $95 (We can’t do this shit for free people- there aren’t enough hours in the day!) For that price Whitney will assess your kitty using facetime or zoom (providing you have decent lighting), and tell you what we would do if we were to groom it. We can show you what tools we would use and provide you with a list of everything you’ll need. (Spoiler alert- you need nail scissors FIRST).

Tell us what you think about this service- and don’t hold back! As a service provider accustomed to being paid for actual services, we really weren’t sure about charging for advice on grooming. We knew people were in dire need of instruction, and we knew we couldn’t possibly answer all of their questions without being paid. Charging a fee for advice seemed like the only feasible way to answer all these questions (because for every Facebook fan that we walk through grooming their 18 year old matted cat at home, we just missed out on an actual money-making groom in the salon. And money is kind of important to us. Not just to us- but to our families as well!

So let us know whether this is a service you would ever use, OR as a service provider is this a service that YOU should be offering. I’m curious what other people’s experiences have been with ‘consulting.’

Book a “Virtual Consultation” online through the website.


5 thoughts on ““HELP! I think I want to groom my cat but I don’t know where or how to start! “

  1. I think it’s a great idea, and charging for your expert advice is only fair IF ( you know there always has to be an IF)you continue to do the grooming yourself as well in MTP since I am fortunate enough to not need your virtual advice as long as I can still bring you my kitty’s in person!


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