New YouTube channel and Salon Tour video…

Do you know what the inside of a cat grooming salon looks like? Unless you are one of my clients, the chances are pretty good that you don’t. Although cat grooming is rising in popularity in the United States, it’s certainly still considered a unique occupation. Even more rare is an actual salon vs. a mobile cat groomer. The point I’m trying to make here, is that finding a cat grooming salon is kind of like finding a Unicorn in the forest. (And I’m not talking about the sexual kind- that’s a whole different blog).

Sure, you might have been to a pet-grooming salon before. I’m guessing it was nothing to write home about. The goal with The Charleston Cat Groomer was to create a cheerful but calm place that both the owner and the cat enjoys spending time in. All the equipment was purchased with solely cats in mind, including the cages, bathtub, bedding, clippers, and combs. Everything is cat-sized, and cat-specific, so it’s a pretty cool space to check out. For those of you who don’t live in Charleston, there are a few other cat salons scattered across the country, you can find one by searching on the website of The National Cat Groomer’s Institute But until one comes to your area… here’s a little tour of MY salon..

We filmed this tour as an intro to our new YouTube Channel, which you can subscribe to after watching the clip. The channel was created as part of an effort to educate cat owners on how to do simple grooms on their own cats at home, when there is no cat groomer (or dog groomer who is willing) available. I’ve learned that this is a HUGE problem throughout the world- someone contacted me on Instagram and said she’s searched all over Scotland for a cat groomer to no avail! I’m not moving to Scotland, so the second best thing is apparently producing instructional cat-grooming videos for those who need them. Don’t worry, we’ll throw in some comedy too- whether it’s intentional or not will be up to you to decide!

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