Our Top 5 Favorite Cat Hacks (As Cat Professionals)

Did you know We’ve been working as cat-professional for a combined 30 years? Wow-we’re old! But seriously, unless you are one of our clients, you may not know that before this pretty cool gig working at the only Certified Feline Master Groomer in the Lowcountry, I was a veterinary technician at an only-cats animal hospital with Whitney. This means that along with a pretty impressive number of ringworm infections (gross, but true), I’ve also picked up a few awesome cat hacks that I didn’t know before I began working in the industry. There are a ton of cat lovers out there willing to give you their opinions (possibly an infinite amount according to the internet), but few true professionals that I’ve seen. So without further ado…

  1. Feed a quality diet, and include plenty of canned food. The first part goes without saying- you’ll save money in the long run. The second part may be new to you. Cats are obligate carnivores, they need LOTS of protein and not many carbs. They also as a rule don’t drink as much as they should (there are a few exceptions), so any food that is mostly protein and water is a good one! I could go into more detail here, but if you have questions you can certainly ask in the comments and I’ll respond. I can’t think of a single medical condition that wouldn’t benefit from canned food. Oh- and it’s a myth that dry food helps clean cats’ teeth. Some prescription oral diets can make a difference, but so can less carbs and more protein. Carbs = cavities in cats, just as in humans. Get it?
  2. Have at LEAST one litter box per cat. And scoop it twice a day. The scientific evidence suggests that you should have “one more box than you have cats,” but I’m going to go ahead and assume you are going to balk at that idea. In reality, if you aren’t having any problems whatsoever with your cats using the box then just keep on keeping on. If you are having occasional “misses,” then take my advice before it becomes a habit. I always have a whole room dedicated to litter boxes (I have to, okay?), and I highly recommend it. I also love litter robots (I have 2 right now), but I’m not going to promote them anymore until I get at least one free one 🙂 Here’s a link… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09315VP9K/?tag=thecharlest01-20
  3. Trim their nails regularly. Those of you who aren’t new here know how I feel about this one. Start early and trim regularly. Not only does it prevent them from tearing things up, you also have the upper hand when you need to do something to them- which believe it or not- is crucial to being a cat owner! Does their breath suddenly smell bad and you want to look at their teeth? They can knock your hand away with one well-placed swipe if they are armed with sharp talons. Loose stool stuck to their tush hairs? You aren’t getting that off alone without bleeding unless you’ve cut those babies recently. Just trust me ok? It’s the first thing I do to EVERY CAT THAT COMES IN. Period. Here’s the pair that I use. They are inexpensive and simple. https://pineapplecatshop.com/collections/everything/products/nail-trimmer-soft-grip
  4. Buy a carrier for every cat. If you have more than one cat, you need more than one carrier! Do you know how many people split up their vet and grooming appointments for their cats because they only have one carrier? TOO FREAKING MANY! An actual ALARMING amount! I’m laughing while I say this, but seriously? You’re gonna make two separate appointments rather than buy a second carrier? Just do it already! And make sure it opens from the top. I love Sherpa brand carriers- they are the best made cat carriers around, and have been for years. Here’s a link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000633ZOY/?tag=thecharlest01-20
  5. Make regular grooming a part of your cat’s life early on. I’m not trying to sell you on going to a groomer. If you can do it yourself then you are really on your way to being the confident cat owner that I want everyone to be. Don’t worry- there will always be a job for me! Regular grooming means less shedding, less dingleberries (kling-ons, whatever you want to call them), less urinary tract infections (yes- we see cats that are so gross around their genital area that they get UTI’s!), and more bed-time cuddling with no fears of staining the sheets. Oh- and less ringworm being spread to your favorite veterinary technician or groomer.

Shannon & Whitney


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2 thoughts on “Our Top 5 Favorite Cat Hacks (As Cat Professionals)

  1. I’ve tried so many different things, from making sure he’s calm and relaxed, to giving him treats during the process, to gently wrapping him in a towel, but my cat just doesn’t get down with claw trimming. I’m very careful not to hurt him or hit the quick, I try to give him plenty of affection and praise him if he doesn’t immediately try to rip me to shreds, but nothing works.

    It’s not like he stays mad at me either. He’ll claw and bite until I stop, then loop around and 20 seconds later he’s rubbing against me and purring. It’s like he’s saying “No hard, feelings, dude. You’re still my buddy.”

    But I don’t even try anymore. Little dude has a horizontal scratcher and one of those huge tower scratchers he can really stretch with. Apparently that’s enough to keep his claws filed down. I dunno.


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