Five Cat Products that You Should Definitely Have in Your Home!

I spend a lot of time in the old DM section of Instagram, answering questions about what products I use and recommend. I’ve even created saved ‘quick replies’ that answer those questions, because my little fingers got tired of typing out the words “Chris Christensen” so much. Last week I did a blog about cat products that are a huge waste of your time and money, and I even included one that’s dangerous to your cat. The readers have spoken this week, and they asked for a list of products that AREN’T a waste of time or money. I’m pulling out my most beloved cat products for this week’s edition of Five Cat Products that You Should Definitely Have in Your Home!

  1. Earthbath grooming wipes

I absolutely LOVE these wipes. I use them for everything from dirty cat bums, to grimy ears, to cleaning nasty, waxy nails. And did I mention they are great for faces and Persian eye goop? They are super gentle, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a cat have an adverse reaction to these wipes. If you have a cat that is prone to being a little messy- these will be your new best friend. If you are already a part of the grooming world then you probably already love these things. I’m not paid by Earthbath or any of its subsidiaries (nor am I paid by anyone other than clients), so rest-assured this is a great product, and not something I’m just hocking on-line to make a buck (although if anyone wants me to do that feel free to ask).

2. Ohhio weave braided beds from Etsy

The Ohhio weave braided cat bed. I seriously tested these babies at both my cat-infested home, and the salon- And they passed with flying colors! This Ohhio braid pattern is not only trendy right now, it’s also functional. The bed conforms to your cat’s body, completely enveloping them in a sumptuous cotton yarn (and who doesn’t like being enveloped, am I right?). There are a lot of cat beds on the market right now, but this is one of my faves. That says a lot. It’s machine washable, and you just air-dry it. * Pro-tip- don’t put a cat bed on the floor and expect your cat to use it. Start off with tossing it casually on a favorite chair, the sofa, or even on your own bed. It may seem redundant, but this is cats we are talking about… they are the true definition of enigmatic so don’t think too hard about it. Just trust me.

3. Chubbs Shampoo Bars

Chubbs Bars! The safest and most effective pet shampoo on the market

I know what a lot of you use at home for bathing your animals (this goes for cats AND dogs). There’s a good chance it’s bright blue and lives near your kitchen sink next to your sponge. Did I nail it? Hey- there’s nothing wrong with using Dawn or “insert favorite mild dish soap here”, after-all it’s safe enough for oil-soaked animals right? Right. That being said… do YOU use it to clean yourself? Maybe you should give it a whirl on your own hair and see what it looks and feels like afterwards. Completely stripped of all moisture is what it will be. It can overly dry-out your cat’s coat, and leave you wondering why they aren’t shiny anymore. I used to use dish soap on cats, true story. That was before I learned about Chubbs bars! When I knew better, I used better. Chubbs are super lathery, have amazing smells, are all natural, and non-drying. I am a Chubbs Bars fanatic! In fact, I was their first product ambassador- because I asked to be! I receive free product for every customer who uses my discount code (CHARLESTON15) on BUT I do not get paid by them. I would still use their bars if they didn’t give me free product, sooooo, there’s that.

4. Cheristin Topical Flea Treatment

There are a few great flea products out there for cats, most of which are prescription only. I recommend you use one of those prescription products on a monthly basis, especially if you live in the South, where we see fleas all year round. Despite this recommendation, I understand that we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes people need an effective product that they can obtain quickly online or at the pet store. I also needed a safe and effective product to use at the salon, without a prescription from a veterinarian. Enter Elanco’s Cheristin; a once a month topical that is sold over-the-counter at most pet-supply stores. This stuff works. In my opinion, the only OTC flea products that work effectively for cats are Capstar tablets, Seresto collars, and THIS. I use it daily, and I’ve never seen anything other than occasional hair-loss at the application site, which is typical for most topical products and animals. I always have this stuff on-hand because I’m a former girl-scout and I’m always prepared. Just kidding- that bit was for my employees, who will get a kick out of that sentence. Having a flea problem RIGHT THIS MINUTE? Click on this handy link and go right to Cheristin on Amazon. I will earn a small fee for creating the link!

5. Simple Nail Scissors

The only cat nail-trimmers you’ll ever need

Am I beating a dead horse every time I tell you guys that you need to be trimming your cat’s nails at home? Do you want to punch me in the face each time you see these yellow nail scissors pop up on your screen? God, I hope not. If that’s the case then I’m really preaching to the wrong choir I guess. I know I say it a lot, but trimming your cat’s nails is the first step to becoming a confident cat handler and owner. Last year I did a reel on Instagram where I had to groom a cat who had just been “banned” from another groomer in town. He came to me two days after the other groomer “attempted” to shave him. He was naughty- no doubt about that. The craziest part though, the first groomer DIDN’T TRIM HIS NAILS! You heard me right- she attempted to shave a cat with a running blade and her bare hands, without removing his toenails that were so well-honed they could have sliced a Thanksgiving turkey into neat medallions for the whole family. I’m 100 percent sure, she was probably bleeding five minutes into the whole ordeal, and instead of blaming herself, blamed the cat and his owner by forever banning them from her salon. Are you ready to give it a try? These are from my salon- nothing fancy… but they will last you forever. If you’re successful I want to know about it! Hell, I want to know if you’re NOT successful too! Those will be even more fun to watch and read! Send me an e-mail, a text, whatever…even a video. I’ll share it. It’ll be fun. I promise.

~ Whitney


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