“What Kind of Brush do you Recommend for my Cat?”

(Trick Question- NONE) You need a COMB! Here’s Why:

When I began my career as a cat groomer, I simultaneously began growing my tiny little Instagram audience. I tried to take photos of EVERY cat in the beginning. I used whatever I had lying around to add interest- colorful tablecloths, silk scarves, hydrangeas from my yard… you get the picture. My photos became pretty popular (and expected from my clients), and my tiny little audience began to grow. Fast forward four years or so and I rarely take photos anymore (it’s mostly videos these days), and it’s all about lip synching to ‘trending sounds’ and educating people on what tools they need to groom at home. I (and my assistants) spend enormous amounts of time directly answering questions from followers and there is definitely one single question that stands out as ‘the most asked’ question. It’s “What kind of brush do you recommend for my cat?”

Simple enough, right? It would be, except I have to start with “You don’t need a brush, you need a comb!” This throws people every. Single. Time. Now I know you guys aren’t cat groomers, so it’s not that I think this answer should be apparent to you or something. It’s just shocking how many websites there are in existence that are committed to spreading misinformation about cat grooming (or maybe their real commitment is solely to making money). The sheer number of “Pet Information” websites is mind-boggling, and the fact that half of the information on there is false- well that’s just scary. The old adage ‘Don’t believe everything you read’ has never been truer. I digress. The point I’m trying to make is brushes are pretty useless in the world of cat grooming. One could make a point for using a slicker brush on short-haired cats, but they are really only intended for their backs. Slicker brushes have sharp needle-like bristles that rake through a short-haired coat quite easily. They do not, however, serve any purpose for detangling or de-matting. Nor should they be used on sensitive areas like legs, underarms, or booties (the areas most likely to tangle on a cat). I’m not going to make you throw it out the window if you already have one, but for God’s sake don’t expect a few strokes with it down your cat’s back daily to prevent anything at all.

When I’m grooming I typically use three to four different sizes of combs on EACH cat- the main difference in each being the distance between the teeth. The shorter the fur, the closer together the teeth. I learned about face and foot combs at grooming school and it was a LIFE CHANGER for combing out little matts on Persian feet and the tops of heads and cheeks, but it’s also a great option for any short-haired cat. I guess the one caveat, if there is one, is that it’s not good for long fur. If you can only purchase one comb- the real workhorse is a buttercomb- I use one by Chris Christensen, (I am after all- an ambassador) the # is 013. It can be used on all coats, and on all parts. It’s especially adept at detangling under-arms and bellies, but you can really use it anywhere. If you own a medium or long-haired breed then this is the comb you want. There are look-alikes out there so beware. The main defect being that the spaces between the teeth won’t be appropriate, or the points of the teeth won’t be rounded and coated to prevent ‘ouchy’ moments.

The most important thing I can tell you today about these combs or any comb in general, is they only work if you can actually use them! Sounds obvious, right? I’m not so sure that it is. I know plenty of people that use these combs daily on their kitties and I’ve never seen their cats come in matted. I also know plenty of people that ‘have’ these combs, that aren’t able to use them regularly- for whatever reason- whose cats are a mess every time I see them. They only work if you take them out of the drawer people! And then you have to actually be able to comb (down to the skin) through your cat’s most hidden regions – you know the ones. If you are able to do that, then I promise these puppies will work! And ANY comb can work if your cat tolerates it and you are able to get to the skin with it-These are just the ones that I personally use. I know they are expensive, well worth it in my opinion, but pricey for sure.

I know this was a lot of talk about cat combs which, even to ME can be boring, but it had to be done! Now every time I read the dreaded brush question in my dm’s I can send people to this blog post, and then they can link directly to the right combs without mistakenly clicking on an Amazon imposter from China. Maybe that person is you, or maybe you have a dog and mistakenly clicked on this post and you aren’t really sure why you are still reading. If so, I’m soooo sorry. You’ll never get the time wasted on this blog post back.



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