Did you see we made it into Newsweek this week?

It’s kinda a big deal so make sure you read the article here and please go to the bottom after reading and COMMENT!!!


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The good old primordial pouch is apparently a hot topic! Are you scratching your head in confusion because you aren’t sure what a primordial pouch is? Well, it’s that loose bit of skin/fat that sways back and forth on your cat when they run down the hall. It looks a little bit like a cow’s udder on some cats- while its hardly noticeable on others. Some people mistakenly believe that it’s what occurs when a cat is spayed or neutered, but in reality it’s there whether or not your cat has been altered.

We posted a video of Whitney flopping my cat’s very ample primordial pouch while throwing out the possible origins/uses of the swinging sack of skin last week. The video quickly went viral on Tik Tok and Instagram as people chimed in with what THEY thought the pouch was for. The results were pretty hilarious! Of course the obvious answers like ‘fat storage’ and ‘organ protection during fights’ were popular, but so were the absurd yet awesome comments like ‘secrets and fears,’ and ‘weed storage.’

In truth, no-one really knows what the adorable extra skin is for. Zoologists have their very educated guesses and opinions (no doubt more valid than our follower’s guesses), but we think that’s what makes this such a fun topic. There is no right answer- so check out the video and suggest your own reason for the existence of the primordial pouch!


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