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“Which Tools Should I Use to Groom My Cat at Home?”

How does the saying go? ‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat’? While I’d rather not think about the origin of that phrase, we all know what it means. Basically, there’s more than way to go about completing most tasks, and that phrase ironically applies to grooming a cat just as it does skinning one. In this post I’ll tell you what tools we use to professionally groom cats in the salon, and I’ll also give less-costly alternatives that get the job done for those of you at home that don’t want to invest $60 in a comb or $350 for a blow-dryer. Capiche? Let’s get started. Continue reading “Which Tools Should I Use to Groom My Cat at Home?”

Is it Okay to Scruff My Cat?

So how do you control a cat that is trying to escape, or attack during a procedure? You can’t put a leash on them for control (yes you can put one on them for fun- as a novelty… “Look at me, I’m walking my cat!” But let me see what happens when a fire truck goes by while you’re walking your cat on a leash. Just sayin’- it ain’t gonna end well. What you CAN do to safely control and calm a cat when needed is grab them firmly by the scruff of the neck with one hand, and use the other hand to hold their back legs. Continue reading Is it Okay to Scruff My Cat?