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Is it Dangerous for Me to Groom My Cat at Home?

And professional cat groomers will always be around to help you out. For those of you that would like to stretch your time in-between professional grooms out a tad, or even better, for those of you that are hardcore diy-ers, we understand where you’re coming from too! Is it a little scary at first? Sure.… Continue reading Is it Dangerous for Me to Groom My Cat at Home?

“Can My Groomer Fire Me?”

Yes- but let’s discuss what you did to get to this point first! I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble today, but yes. Your groomer can fire you. So can your veterinarian, your dentist, your accountant, and your hair stylist. Anyone who owns their own business that provides a service to you can theoretically decide… Continue reading “Can My Groomer Fire Me?”