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“Can My Groomer Fire Me?”

Yes- but let’s discuss what you did to get to this point first! I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble today, but yes. Your groomer can fire you. So can your veterinarian, your dentist, your accountant, and your hair stylist. Anyone who owns their own business that provides a service to you can theoretically decide … Continue reading “Can My Groomer Fire Me?”

Does Every Cat Need Grooming?

It’s not a one time thing. It’s not just an old cat thing. And it’s certainly not just a long-hair cat thing. Every single cat can benefit from regular grooming sessions, whether it is you doing the grooming at home (YES- we love it when people home groom!) or whether you would rather let a professional do the dirty work. Regular grooming removes loose hair to prevent excessive shedding and hairballs, keeps nails from growing into paw pads, and can prevent matting, urinary tract infections, and even litter box issues Continue reading Does Every Cat Need Grooming?